Celebrating 40 years

The twinning partnership between Falkirk District and the French town of Créteil will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year (2023).

Since the signing of the Twinning agreement in 1983, the strong relationship has enabled many individuals, groups and organisations both French and Scottish to experience and enjoy all that each of the towns has to offer.

Elaine Mitchell from Falkirk District Twinning Association said: “From the beginning, long-lasting friendships have been formed and people continue to enjoy the benefits of learning about another country through these friendships- the culture, the cuisine, the festivities, and most importantly, having fun together!

“The last two years have been difficult for many local organisations, however the passion and enthusiasm for Twinning is alive and kicking and we look forward to many more years of fun and learning with our friends and partners in Créteil.”

Falkirk District Twinning Association is always delighted to welcome new members. All the contact details are on this website.

Photo gallery

The following is a range of photographs displaying the wide range of Twinning activities involving many different groups over the last 40 years.

Click on any of the smaller images to see a larger version.

(Please note that this page contains lots of pictures and may take time to load on a slower broadband connection.)

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