Welcome to our website

Welcome to our new website highlighting Falkirk’s Twinning Partnerships.

Falkirk District Twinning Association works to promote links with Créteil in France. The Odenwald Association promotes the Odenwald region of Germany.

You’ll find out more about our activities here.

You’ll also find contact details and membership information on our Contact page.

Please note that we are still updating content on the site (and migrating content from the old site). If you spot a broken link – or are looking for particular information – please get in touch. Thank you.

We are pleased to work in partnership with sister associations in Europe: the Comité Jumelages, Créteil, France and Schottland Vereinigung in Germany.

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A website to promote Falkirk's links with Odenwald and Creteil. Run jointly by the Odenwald Association and the Falkirk District Twinning Association.

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