Odenwald’s Roman roots

The Odenwald area of Germany was once a Roman frontier – just like Falkirk district back in Scotland.

You can visit a number of Roman sites around the Odenwald area, including a replica watch-tower, just outside the town of Erbach. Watch-towers like this would be part of the frontier system built by the Romans.

You can find out more about the Odenwald Limes here and here.

A report on the Odenwald Association’s visit to Limes sites in 2018 is on The Falkirk Herald website. There are also pictures from the visit below.

Odenwald Association members go Roman in Germany.
One of the Roman remains you can visit in Odenwald.
Replica Roman watch towers have been erected in various sites around Germany. You can see one close to the town of Erbach.
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