BSA Motorcycle Adventure

Elaine Mitchell, husband Andrew and friends enjoyed a trip through Germany. Elaine had a reunion with friends Jutta and Vroni who lived with Elaine in Falkirk for three months when undertaking work as student placements working with Falkirk Council. 

Elaine’s report on the trip is published below, alongwith pictures from the trip.

Following this year’s annual International BSA motorcycle rally in Ijhorst in Holland, we headed for Germany on our trusty BSA.

We were accompanied with friends from Australia and California also on their BSA motorcycles.  First stop en route was a visit to our friends Jutta and Vroni in Babenhausen.  Jutta and Vroni lived with me in Falkirk in 1997 whilst they undertook a three month student placement in Development Services at Falkirk Council.  On arrival, we were treated to a wonderful traditional Hessen meal at Vroni’s house as we laughed and reminisced about the great times we had enjoyed together in Scotland over 20 years ago! 

Elaine, husband Andrew and friends on their trip.

We also took in various sights of the beautiful city of Darmstadt including the Kunstlerkolonie Museum and various houses designed by the artist Olbricht, the architectural wonders of the Hundertwasser building and of course we partook of a few cool beers in a bustling bierkeller in the city square! 

On our onward journey the following day, we enjoyed a coffee stop in Michelstadt and sampled the sweet delights of the Conditorei at Café Leyhausen am Rathaus.  We spent a further couple of days in Germany, firstly visiting the NSU motorcycle museum in Neckarsulm.  There were amazing motorbikes and cars from various eras on display.  We then moved on to Sinsheim and the spectacular Auto and Technik museum where several full size airplanes sit perched on the roof of the museum, including a Concorde and a Tupelo, its Russian counterpart.  The two museums are fantastic, not only a must-see for transport enthusiasts, but also for those of us interested in popular culture over the years.  After several amazing days in Germany we headed for France on the next leg of our European BSA adventure. 

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