Falkirk Branch of Parkinson’s UK: links with the Odenwald

Because our friend Elfi in the Odenwald reads “The Falkirk Herald” she found out that Falkirk had a Parkinson’s Branch.

When a group from the Odenwald Association visited in September, Elfi contacted Andy, the Chairman of the Association to ask him to bring back to Falkirk a gift from Parkinson’s in the Odenwald.

The Odenwald group is celebrating 25 years and this small gesture from Elfi has developed into emails to and fro between the two groups.

Amongst the gifts that Elfi sent in her goodie bag, was a “Parkinsonlied” – Parkinson Song, which one of our members has translated.

The tune which is used for this song was named and is available to hear on You Tube so, with the words printed out, our Falkirk branch will be able to follow along.

Who knows where or how a link might develop but as long as people are willing, all it takes is the first step.

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