Bo'ness Victorian Fair

May 31 2014

Although it was a grey, cloudy day, a group of members set up and manned a bottle stall at this year's Bo'ness Victorian Fair, as a fundraising venture.  It was hard work trying to persuade the public to participate as heavy showers of rain had everyone running for shelter over the course of the day.   Still our intrepids persevered and slowly the bottles "from Shampoo to Champagne" as one caller advertised, began to disappear as winning tickets were pulled.  Unlucky punters were invited to dip into a bag of chocs to sweeten the disappointment, so hopefully, everyone went home happy!    

Heartfelt thanks to all those who donated bottles for the stall, to those who worked in the background, folding tickets etc. to those who worked on the day and those who supported the stall.