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Minute of OA 13 February 2018

Saturday 17 March 2018 at 14h37

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Minute of Meeting of Odenwald Association
held on 13th February 2018 at 7.00 p.m. in the Tolbooth Tavern, Falkirk

Present: Walter Simms (Chair), Charles Tibbles (Treasurer), Anne Simms (Secretary) Andy Christie, Christine Webster, Sylvia Koenig-Erich, Terry Hunter, Gray Allan, Lorraine Russell and Rhona Smith (Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir).

Apologies Jean Tait, Christine Gannon and Joe O’Hanlon, Emma Gillanders, Joe Detlaff, Kathryn Grainger and Neil Clark.

1. Welcome

Walter welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially the two representatives from the Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir, then introduced the evening’s speaker, Christine Bell from Cycling Without Age, who gave a very informative, emotive and uplifting talk about the work of this
charitable project. A more detailed account can be found on the Falkirk Twinning website.

Members and guests then enjoyed sandwiches and cakes provided by the Tolbooth Tavern and held a raffle which raised £24 for Association funds.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minute of the previous meeting held on 14th November 2017 was approved as a correct record, proposed by Andy Christie and seconded by Charles Tibbles.

3. Matters Arising

Anne began by thanking Charlie for organising the room and refreshments at short notice when the usual room was unavailable.

Nothing further has been heard from The Fire Brigade Orchestra about coming over in 2019. Anne will write again after the summer.

The ‘Language Lost and Found’ event held in the Howgate in November was successful in promoting the Association. Contact was made with the Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir who expressed an interest in twinning links with the Odenwald and Créteil, and two representatives were in attendance at the meeting. Anne thanked everyone who volunteered to help with the event.

17 people attended the dinner at the Cladhan in January.

Anne has finally managed to make contact with swimming clubs in Falkirk, and is just waiting for an email address so she can pass on details of the Michelstadt club.

Anne has now heard via Franziska that the tennis club in Michelstadt is interested in establishing a link with Falkirk District Lawn Tennis Association. She has passed their details on to Graeme Laurenson of the FDLTA. Franziska is still waiting to hear from the club in Erbach.

4. Secretary’s Report

There has been an email from our SLV contact Franziska – there are elections this year for the Landtag in Hessen so Rudiger and other members of the Board will be unable to come over to Falkirk this year. They would like to come in 2019 instead. This could be at the same time as the Fire Brigade Orchestra.

The Schottland Vereinigung will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on 8th September this year and they would like to welcome OA members over there to help them celebrate. There is a list for everyone interested to put their names down. This should be organised fairly early to get the best price for plane tickets.

Franziska and her family will be coming over privately in May and would like to meet up if possible – the date would be 19th May. The Fritsches are also coming over for a holiday sometime in July.

The OA is hoping to take part in the Tryst festival again this year, at the very least in the Opening Parade and the Quiz night. That is in May. Anne should know more by the next meeting.

Anne highlighted the amended date in July for the Airth Games. She got the wrong date somehow – it will be Saturday 28th July. The OA will have the usual bottle stall and will be buying a gazebo for this year, and for other events. Christine and Joe won’t be able to do the ticketing this year. Anne is looking for volunteers to take that on.

There is another list for names of people who would like to go the West Brewery in Glasgow in May. This will be the last meeting of the session. For anyone who hasn’t been, they brew their beer according to the German Purity Law of 1516 and serve dishes like Bayrischer Wurstsalat and Schnitzel.

Schottische Nacht 2019 – Anne has asked Franziska to confirm that it’s o.k. for the OA to go ahead with organising the entertainment for this, and to find out the date.

At a previous meeting, the possibility of getting together with other twinning organisations in the area to share ideas, etc., was discussed. The next stage is to decide on a date (possibly summer) and venue and to think about what structure this initial meeting will have. So there will need to be at least one meeting about the meeting. There is another list for anyone interested in helping organising this to put their names down on.

Finally, interest has been shown in the possibility of getting kilts made from the Falkirk Tartan. The cost could be quite high, possibly hundreds of pounds, as the cloth has to be woven specially. Anne wondered about getting more of the Odenwald T-shirts made as there have been several new members since the last lot were made. Anne produced another list for anyone interested in either kilts or T-shirts, or both. A suggestion was made that polo shirts or sweatshirts could be of more use in the Scottish climate.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that there is £2,241.82 in the bank at present, without taking into consideration the raffle takings, and paying for the refreshments.

7. Twinning Website

Myra Christie no longer wishes to continue managing the website and Facebook page. Anne took the opportunity to thank her (via Andy) for all her hard work on setting these up and maintaining them. Fortunately, Charlie has agreed to take over the website and the Facebook page.

Still on the twinning website, there will be a meeting next week with Falkirk District Twinning Association about the future of the joint website.

Myra has put a news item on the website on which might interest people – it’s in the Facebook feed on the right of the Odenwald page - “Big changes have happened in the Odenwald with the fusion of villages to create the new area Stadt Oberzent. See the new Oberzent website and go sightseeing round the new area via the you tube post.” Several villages have got together and created a new town. There are links from the OA website for those who want to know more.

8. Any Other Business

Andy suggested that the representatives from the Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir might have some questions about their possible participation in Schottishe Nacht 2019. They had discussed this at their AGM and now need information about how many children they could take, the length of the visit, and the probable cost. When more is known, information will be passed along to them.

9. Date of Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Tuesday 13th March at 7.00 p.m. in the Municipal Buildings, Falkirk.

Minute of OA 14 November 2017

Monday 19 February 2018 at 16h38

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Minute of Meeting of Odenwald Association
held on 14th November 2017 at 7.00 p.m. in Municipal Buildings, Falkirk

Present: Walter Simms (Chair), Gray Allan (Vice-Chair), Charles Tibbles (Treasurer), Anne Simms (Secretary), Andy Christie, Christine Webster, Sylvia Koenig-Erich, Terry Hunter, Christine Gannon, Joe O’Hanlon, Rod and Fiona Aird, Kathryn Grainger, Neil Durning, Isabella Allan, Renate Wolf, Councillor Pat Reid, Councillor Robert Spears, Gordon Connolly and Liz Liddle (West Lothian Twinning Association).

Apologies Jean Tait, Emma Gillanders, Joe Detlaff, Laura Jenkins, Lynda Kenna, Greg McCara, Laura Jenkins, Neil Clark, Mark Allison.

1. Welcome and Speaker




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