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Minute of Meeting of OA 11 October 2016

Monday 25 April 2016 at 15h32

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Minute of Meeting of Odenwald Association Open Evening held on 11th October 2016 at 7.00 p.m. in Municipal Buildings, Falkirk

Present: Walter Simms (Vice-Chair), Anne Simms (Secretary), Charlie Tibbles (Treasurer), Christine Gannon, Joe O’Hanlon, Jean Tait, Joe Detlaff, Emma Gillanders, Gray Allan, Isabella Allan, Sylvia Koenig-Erich.

Apologies Andy and Myra Christie, Terry Hunter, Neil and Kathryn Clark, Neil and Dolleen Durning, Elaine Wilson, Mark Allison, Laura Jenkins, Christine Webster.

1. Welcome

Walter welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the session, and extended a special welcome to Sylvia, who heard about the Association at Hanne Stuckert’s Limes talk at Falkirk Library.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minute of the previous meeting held on 10th May 2016 was approved as a correct record, proposed by Jean Tait and seconded by Charlie Tibbles

3. Matters Arising

(a) Falkirk Tryst Top of the Town Quiz - the Association fielded a team for this and came fifth overall after a most enjoyable contest.
(b) German students on Work Experience – Christine Gannon reported on the three week visit by two German girls in July. The girls worked at Municipal Buildings, in Falkirk libraries, Callendar House, and the Kelpies. In their free time, Association members took them to the Trossachs, St. Andrews, Airth, and Balloch Games. They were very well looked after at the new B and B. One of the girls will write a report for the website. Anne thanked Christine for her hard work in organising and co-ordinating the visit.
(c) Airth Highland Games – as usual, members took turns manning the gates, and helping on the Association Bottle Stall, which proved to be very popular and raised £408 for OA funds. Joe O’Hanlon was thanked for his hard work preparing the bottles for the stall. It had been hoped that visitors from the Odenwald would be attending but no-one was able to come over.
(d) Programme for this session – speakers are booked for November, February and March. There will be no meeting in December and the annual Dinner will be in January. The AGM will be in April. A canal trip is proposed for the May meeting. Anne handed out copies of ‘Dates for your Diary 2016 - 2017’.
(e) Big Roman Week – Hanne Stuckert came over from the Odenwald to give three talks about The Limes. The visit was organised by Friends of Kinneil and funding was arranged by Provost Pat Reid from the Twinning Fund. Association members entertained her in her free time, attended the talks, and took her to and from the airport. Thanks to everyone who helped with this.

4. Secretary’s Report

Anne reported that the last Executive Committee meeting had discussed the proposal to lodge Association minutes with Falkirk Council Archives but there were found to be some gaps. Gray Allan has some copies of minutes and will check once there is a comprehensive list of missing dates. Andy has heard from the Fire Brigade Orchestra who are interested in establishing a twinning link. They are hoping to come over in August 2018.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the current bank balance is £1,785.67. The Association currently has eight waged members, eleven unwaged and one corporate member. Anyone who has not paid will be contacted soon.

7. Twinning Website

As the minutes of the last meeting (10th May) have been approved, Anne can now upload them to the website. This will be standard practice from now on.

8. Any Other Business

(a) Canal trip/ visit to Germany - Anne asked members to put their names down if they are interested in the Canal trip in May, and to say whether they would prefer to visit the Odenwald for Schottische Nacht in August or for the Winzerfest in September. The lists will be made available at the November meeting as well.
(b) Raffle and Refreshments – the raffle raised £21. Provost Pat Reid was able to join us for refreshments at the end of the meeting.

9. Date of Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on Tuesday, November 8th at 7.00 p.m. in the Municipal Buildings, Falkirk.




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