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Kulturamt - Tourist Information Michelstadt

Kulturamt, the tourist information in Michelstadt has announced on its Facebook page the following ...

In the next few weeks there will be a series of contributions to the 7 municipalities in the city, where the localities will be briefly presented. The most likely photographed building is the Historic Town Hall in the Old Town.  (Rathaus).  We want to show that the districts of the city of Michelstadt also have a lot to offer. So look forward to places which you may still need to  discover. Let us leave the walls of the city and look at the other districts....

I am sure that members of The Odenwald Association and others will want to see photos of  these areas so make sure you "like" Kulturamt's page to get these in your mailbox.

Kulturamt Michelstadt




Towns Around the Odenwald

The Odenwaldkreis is a Kreis (district) in the South of Hesse, Germany. The area comprises of 5 towns; Bad König; Beerfelden; Breuberg; Erbach and Michelstadt.

Michelstadt is a town in the Odenwaldkreis in southern Hesse, between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. It has a population of around 16,000

Erbach is the district seat of the Odenwaldkreis. It has a population of around 13,000

Bad König is a town and resort in the central Odenwald in the Odenwaldkreis in Hesse and is one of the oldest settlements in the Mümling Valley.

Beerfelden is a town in the Odenwald in the Odenwaldkreis in Hesse, Germany, 28 km northeast of Heidelberg.

Breuberg lies 28 km east of Darmstadt, and 20 km southwest of Aschaffenburg.

2016 Snow hits the Odenwald

Our Odenwald friends posted photos of beautiful snowy scenes in the Odenwald with more snow due and temperatures falling.

What a wonderful sight it is to see and experience.

See other photos in the Gallery section under Snow! 

Report re German Student Workplacements in Falkirk

For several years, with the support of Falkirk Council and Falkirk Community Trust, Odenwald Association members have been pleased to arrange Student Work Placements within the Falkirk area for two students from the Beruflicheschule in the Odenwald.    Each year, two students have been given the opportunity to experience work in different locations under the supervision, guidance and training of Falkirk Council and Community Trust staff.    Members undertake the organisation of accommodation, airport transfers and social involvement, taking the students on trips to give them a flavour of Scotland and Scottish hospitality.   

In Summer last year, from 2nd July to 23rd July, the two students, Denice and Saskia, visited Falkirk for a 3-weeks work placement;  the first week they worked in the Provost's Office at Municipal Buidings, the next week they worked at Falkirk Library in the centre of Falkirk and the last week the girls worked at The Helix Park, where the Kelpies are located and also at Falkirk Stadium where Falkirk Community Trust have offices.

The Odenwald Association has received the following report from Denice about the visit in her own words.

"The work we did those three weeks was very varied and interesting.   We got a great experience of what it is like to work.   Beside the work, we also explored some interesting sights from the area, like The Pineapple house, the Airth Castle, the Trossachs, Glasgow,  St. Andrews, Edinburgh and The Highland Games in Balloch.

For us, the stay in Falkirk was a time to grow.  We grew with our tasks and the people we worked with.   We got to know ourselves better and we learned to asses ourselves better.   Furthermore, it was great for improving our language skills.

While staying in Scotland, we met many kind and different people.   Our stay was incredible and a memory for life.   We will miss Scotland and the people very much!

To conclude, we would like to thank everyone for turning this time into such a great experience.