Visitors from Créteil

June 29 2017

The President of the Twinning Association in Créteil, Anne Berruet will visit Falkirk next week from 3-6 July.  She will be accompanied by 3 colleagues from the Bureau de Jumelages - Romain Guimber, the Director of the Twinning Association,  Frederique Giacomini, a board member responsible for international exchanges and Noémie Rebecca the new assistant in the twinning office.

Members of Falkirk District Twinnng Association will accompany the group during a full programme of meetings, activities and visits including a visit to the main Falkirk tourist attractions – The Falkirk Wheel, The Kelpies, The Helix and Callendar House.  They will also meet with groups and organisations who have been involved in recent twinning activities and others who are interested in creating new twinning links with Créteil.  Hopefully the weather will be kind and show Falkirk District in its full glory!