Talk About Créteil Twinning with Falkirk by Members of FDTA

March 18 2018

Falkirk District Twinning Association (FDTA) were delighted to be invited along to give a talk to the Odenwald Association(OA) prior to their business meeting on Tuesday 13 March. Elaine Mitchell, Chairperson, Ian Burt, Vice Chairperson, Councillor Pat Reid, Treasurer and Laura McEwan, Falkirk Council’s Education representative on FDTA Committee were given a really warm welcome by the members of the Odenwald Association. Elaine kicked off the talk with information about the town of Créteil, its inhabitants and its close proximity to Paris and Eurodisney. Photographs of the old and new town of Créteil gave OA members an idea of the layout of the town and showed examples of the styles of buildings and landmarks in the cosmopolitan French town.

Pat gave a short history of FDTA, from the signing of the twinning agreement between Falkirk District and Créteil in 1983 to the projects and exchanges that have taken place during the last 35 years such as those involving youth groups, sports organisations, music projects, disabled groups, school exchanges and the longstanding link between the British Legion and Les Anciens Combattants (Former Soldiers) in Créteil. Elaine followed this with a short update on more recent activities, including a theatre project with the Wee Tree Theatre company, a twinning partnership between Denny Library and the Médiathèque in Créteil, an Erasmus project involving the Champions Board and a link between Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club and Créteil Tennis Club.

Ian continued with a few stories about his involvement as a member of FDTA for many years, including the ‘French house’ that FDTA provided accommodation for Créteil students doing work placements in Falkirk, some of whom were experiencing their first time away from home and also their first taste of a Scottish winter! Ian also highlighted the role that twinning plays in language development.

Laura, as a Modern Languages teacher at Graeme High School in Falkirk was able to give the group an interesting insight into school exchanges and her involvement in the 1+2 language programme in primary schools. She also gave an update on the recent signing of a twinning agreement with L’ Académie de Française de Créteil that would continue to support and develop language links in Falkirk schools.

Elaine brought the talk to a close with a short Q&A session and thanked the OA for inviting members of FDTA to the meeting. Walter Simms, Chairperson of the Odenwald Association replied with a vote of thanks to the FDTA team and invited them to join the group for refreshments.

C’était une soirée formidable pour l’équipe de FDTA et nous espérons que la présentation était intéressant pour les membres de OA.