Magda Vorchin - former Directrice de Jumelage de Créteil Award

January 24 2018

Magda Vorchin, the former Directrice de Jumelage de Créteil has been awarded the ‘Médaille de La Ville’ by Le Maire de Créteil Laurent Cathala

Our friend and twinning colleague, Magda Vorchin was awarded the ‘Médaille de la Ville’ by Le Maire de Créteil, Laurent Cathala, at a ceremony two weeks ago in Créteil. The prestigious award was given in recognition of her work in the community of Mont-Mesly, a district in Créteil, and also in her role over the last 10 years as Directrice of le Comité de Jumelage, (The Twinning Committee) in Créteil.  Many of us have worked on twinning projects over the years with Magda and her passion and enthusiasm for twinning and creating opportunity for people of all ages knows no bounds! To say the award is well deserved, is a genuine understatement. Congratulations and best wishes to Magda from her friends at Falkirk District Twinning Association. 

Link to an article about the awards in Le Parisien online

Photo shows Magda (extreme left) on a visit to Falkirk.