Changes at the Comité de Jumelage de Créteil

February 04 2016

Magda Vorchin retired this week from her role as Directrice of the Twinning Committee in Créteil. For over 10 years, Magda has been at the heart of developing active twinning links and creating strong relationships between many groups and individuals in Falkirk District and Créteil. She has made an enormous contribution to twinning because of her passion and enthusiasm for international relations and her canny ability to make things happen! She is a well known visitor to Falkirk and is looked upon as a friend by many of us. Romain Guimber who has worked alongside Magda for several years and is well known to Falkirk Twinning has taken over the role as Directeur of the Twinning Committee in Créteil. He has visited Falkirk several times and has worked on many twinning projects involving local youth groups. Romain is well qualified to undertake the role and also shares Magda's enthusiasm for twinning. Although Magda is 'retiring' from her current position, she will continue to work on special projects with Romain and other members of the twinning team, led by Anne Berruet, 'Le Président de Comité de Jumelage de Créteil '.We all offer our huge thanks to Magda for all that she has contributed over the years and wish her well for the future. We also look forward to organising many more exciting twinning projects in Falkirk District and Créteil.